I only have eyelets for you… 




  It’s funny how a person’s taste can change when they get older.  I remember my First Communion dress was eyelet and thinking how ugly it was.  As they years passed, I learned to like it. 

Unfortunately you may not be able to see it well, but this strapless dress is eyelet.  It has two layers and buttons down the front.  I wore it with tan pumps. 

The green leaf earrings are marblized while the leaf bracelet has rhinestones.  Both items are from http://www.thepinkbarn.com 

I decided to have the dress photographed with and without the black satin belt it came with.  Which begs the question…. do you prefer it with or without the belt? 





10 thoughts on “I only have eyelets for you… 

  1. johnnielynn says:

    I love that dress! I have a so similar dress, jsyk don’t wear Florescent orange panties with it, as it will show through and you may not notice it until half way through church… Not that it’s happened to me before…

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      • johnnielynn says:

        Lol, i hope not. I do like to go to church, and even though I have a quite casual church (I’ve gone in a hoodie and yoga pants on accident before) I love getting dressed up and since I work from home it’s the only time I get to…m

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