Lace Halter and pink shorts

Here you can take a better look at the lace halter.  I wore it with pink shorts but it looks great with any color.  It was on sale at NY and Co. for 40% off. NY and Co. also carries these shorts in a lot of bright colors so there’s a lot to choose from. 


 I love this time of year when everything is blooming!  Lavender is one of my favorite colors and I wore it with a simple white top and Keds.  The pants were only $19.97 and the top was just $4.24 (if you buy 1 at the regular price of $16.95, you get 3 free).  Both the pants and t-shirt were available in a variety of colors.  All of these were bought at a NY & Co. outlet.  The tassel necklace is from for $15.99 and the eyelet Keds were bought at Boscov’s for $24.99. 

Short shorts!

 I picked out some of my fav shorts.   NY & C0. also has them in neutral colors too.  What I love about them is that while they keep me cool in the summer, they aren’t short enough where I have to worry about my caboose hanging out.  

Eyelet Sneakers

I love the pretty eyelet these Keds have and they’re pretty comfy!  These seem to run true to size too! As I mentioned in my previous blog, I purchased them at Boscov’s and they were an affordable $24.99.  Great for the summer!